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Low Winter Sun Review 2013

Low Winter Sun is a crime drama TV series, starring Mark Strong (Frank Agnew), Lennie James (Joe Geddes), Athena Karkanis (Dani Khalil), and Nickola Shreli (Gus). This is the newest AMC’s drama, a TV series version of the novel, Low Winter Sun by Simon Donald. The show has a wonderful time slot and the main cast is already acquainted with the role he is playing.

This show was occurred in the bankrupt city of Detroit, it centered on the two police Detroit detectives, who murdered another detective. This murder case was big news in Detroit and the Mayor wanted it to be solved by the two best homicide detectives who happened to be the killers. Since the internal affairs and the mayor were watching them, they were trying to look that they were doing their best in solving the case. However, some party was popping up suddenly which lead the investigation back to the two Detroit detectives.

While watching the pilot of this show, it started with a great storyline relating to a brutal murder, resulting in a lot of discoveries to follows. These scenarios happened in the first episode so it made me excited in the beginning of this TV program. The actors and actresses were handling their characters or roles very well. The plot and the script at the beginning of the show were fantastic. There was character development in each episode and storyline development as well. The acting was not bad. The plot had multiple layers to create a new and interesting scenario.

However, I think the lead star Mark Strong, who also performed the lead in the 2006 film, was a little bit not perfect for the role. The lead character role needed a smart yet emotional persona with a fearful past but Strong was a big sturdy guy, for me he was apparently emotionless. Although, he appeared to be a smart and wise cop, but sometimes I felt he was not perfect for the character. Even so, he was still doing his best in his role. I am just hoping that until the end this show will still be nice and interesting story plot.

Overall, this show was not bad, but not good either. The story was nice and hoping it will still nice until the end.  I’m still looking forward to watch more episodes on this show. If you want AMC’s dramas, probably you will like this one also.

low winter sun

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